Background and updates

Having served Southeast Asia and the Pacific for 25 years, the IHP Asia and the Pacific Regional Steering Committee (RSC) met for the first time as a full regional body with representation from 20 countries spanning the full range of the region during 3-5 November 2018. The meeting held in associated with the Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis (CHA) Workshop.

With broad regional support, the development of the Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis – a series of publications through which contributors to UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme aim to share data, knowledge and experiences in key water science and management fields – was formally initiated prior to the formal opening of the 26th IHP Regional Steering Committee for Asia and the Pacific.



Focusing on hazard mapping, a dedicated workshop held on 3 November saw presentations on approaches and methods from eleven countries, generating lively exchange and interaction. Coordinated by the Secretary of the RSC, Dr. Yasuto Tachikawa of Japan, the workshop took the first steps towards defining the scope, structure and content of the Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis – as well as devised a work plan for the further development of this regional collaborative, which builds upon a previous collaborative effort of the RSC, the Catalogue of Rivers series (

Chaired by Dr. Ignasius Sutapa of Indonesia and hosted by China and the Chinese IHP National Committee represented by Dr. Cai Jianyuan, the formal meeting of the RSC held on 4 November gathered representatives from 20 countries including new members from Afghanistan, Iran and Nepal – as well as the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, representing its Pacific Island member states. Also in attendance were six UNESCO water category 2 centres and chairs from the region as well as from Europe.

On 5 November, the Shanghai Hydrologic Administration hosted a field visit to the Songpu Bridge Hydrologic Monitoring Station at Ye Xie Town, Song Jiang District, in the city of Shanghai. The visit allowed participating delegates an insight into the techniques, procedures and equipment employed in the monitoring of water resources in one of the largest urban areas of the world.



With 26 presentations from country delegations, centres and chairs, the Shanghai meeting was among the largest and most comprehensive meetings of the RSC to date. Delegations showed considerable interest in hosting upcoming meetings of the Committee. The 27th meeting will be hosted by Myanmar in November 2019, with subsequent meetings to be held in Vietnam, Malaysia and Iran.


Date and Venue

The 26th meeting of the RSC was held during 3-5 November 2018 at the Ocean Hotel in Central Shanghai, China.



Newsflash and photo gallery of the event could be found here.


Day 1: 3 November 2018
Time Agenda Item


Person / PIC

-15:00 Registration

Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis (CHA) workshop.

Download all presentations: [general] [Australia] [China] [Indonesia] [Japan] [Korea] [Malaysia] [Myanmar] [Nepal] [New Zealand] [Pacific] [Vietnam]

Yasuto Tachikawa, Kyoto University

Hans Dencker Thulstrup, UNESCO Jakarta

Day 2: 4 November 2018
Time Agenda Item


Person / PIC

08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:10 Welcome Remarks

Ignasius Sutapa, RSC Chairperson

Cai Jianyuan, Director of Hydrology Department, Ministry of Water Resources, China

Zhou Jianguo, Deputy Director of Water Affairs Bureau, China

09:10-09:25 Opening Remarks

Yasuto Tachikawa, Secretary IHP-RSC SEAP

Hans Dencker Thulstrup, UNESCO Jakarta

09:25-09:30 Adoption of the Agenda Ignasius Sutapa, RSC Chairperson
09:30-10:00 Group photo & coffee break
10:00-10:15 Secretariat report RSC AP Secretariat [download]
10:15-10:30 Report from the 23rd IHP Council Prof. Farhad Yekeh Yazdandoost, IGC Vice-Chair
10:30-10:45 Updates from IHP AP region- Nomination of IHP-IX experts from AP region-Nomination of Task Force on Publication on Water and Climate Change

Ignasius Sutapa, RSC Chairperson

Yasuto Tachikawa, Secretary IHP-RSC SEAP

10:45-12:30 Country reports (5min/country) IHP delegates

IHP delegates:

[Afghanistan] [Australia] [China] [Indonesia] [Iran] 

[Japan] [Korea] [Lao PDR] [Malaysia] 

[Mongolia] [Myanmar] [Nepal] [New Zealand]

[Pacific] [Philippine] [Thailand] [Timor Leste]


12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:15 Updates from water Chairs and water-related Centres under the Auspices of UNESCO in Asia and the Pacific

IHP delegates:



14:15-14:45 Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis(CHA): a report from workshop and next steps

Yasuto Tachikawa, Secretary IHP-RSC AP

Hans Dencker Thulstrup, UNESCO Jakarta

14:45-15:15 Report from the 8th World Water Forum 2018 RSC Secretariat and IHP delegates
15:15-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-15:35 Presentation by the proposed host country of the 27th RSC meeting and associated conference (2019) IHP delegates, RSC Secretariat
15:35-15:40 Identification of potential host for the 28th RSC meeting and associated conference (2020) IHP delegates, RSC Secretariat
15:40-16:00 Election of the Secretary IHP RSC Ignasius Sutapa, RSC Chairperson
16:00-16:30 Any other issues IHP delegates
16:30-16:45 Adoption of Resolutions IHP delegates
16:45-17:00 Closing of the Meeting Ignasius Sutapa, RSC Chairperson
Day 3: 5 November 2018
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07:30-12:00 Field visit to hydrological monitoring station Organizer

Afternoon Departure of participants

(FRIEND delegates to Beijing)