Programme Implementation

The programme planning and implementation will be adjusted in harmony with annual workplans and annual activity reports. Although the present strategic plan presents new directions for the JFIT-UNESCO programme, it was agreed that no abrupt changes will be made to ongoing successful initiatives currently funded under this JFIT-UNESCO programme. As from 2016, however, the programme will foresee changes in terms of developing larger (and possibly longer) and preferably inter-sectoral initiatives along the strategy.

Considering the size of the budget, a regular ‘call for proposals’, is not considered to be cost-effective, and carries an additional risk of dilution of effort. Project proposals will be prepared by UNESCO Office, Jakarta, in its function as the Asia and the Pacific Regional Bureau for Science and submitted via UNESCO Headquarters to Japan. In the preparation of proposals UNESCO Office, Jakarta, will proactively seek inputs from UNESCO Field Offices in the region, UNESCO IOC/WESTPAC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission’s Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific), beneficiary countries and other partners, including Category 2 Regional Centres, ICSU (International Council for Science), universities and research centres, and Japanese partners. The overall direction and focus of the programme and its projects will be discussed during Annual Review Meetings, with participation of representatives from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan), UNESCO Office, Jakarta and UNESCO Headquarters and possibly other partners, if deemed necessary.