Regional Experts Group Meeting on the preparation of a Standard Framework for Biosphere Reserve Management informed by Sustainability Science

Tokyo, Japan, 2-3 March 2018


Within the framework of Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme, the Japan Funds-in-Trust  (JFIT) project “Biosphere Reserves Interconnected in Diverse Global Environments for Sustainability in Asia and the Pacific (BRIDGES) in AP” aims to promote sustainability science and sustainable economic and  social  development  across  the  region  by  strengthening  Biosphere  Reserves  (BR) as a tool for promoting sustainability science. BRIDGES will define and develop a suitable sustainability science-informed approach to BR management with the purpose of improving BR management in Asia and the Pacific, and to encourage the establishment of new BRs in the region with Sustainability Science principles.


The meeting will bring together leading biosphere reserve and sustainability science experts from across Asia and the Pacific for two days of knowledge exchange and discussion with the purpose of formulating guidance that will allow for biosphere reserve managers to benefit from the approaches and methodologies in the management of their sites. The resulting publication will serve to improve biosphere reserve management through the application of sustainability science concepts and approaches, and also to encourage the establishment of new BRs in Asia and Pacific region.

Expected participants

Biosphere reserve managers and experts, sustainability science experts, and representatives of Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB) National Committees from Asia and the Pacific.

This event is by invitation only.

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