Fostering Collaboration Between UNESCO in the Field and Networks Toward the 2030 Agenda

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UNESCO event “Fostering Collaboration between UNESCO in the Field and Networks towards the 2030 Agenda”, organized by UNESCO Regional Sciences Bureau for Asia and the Pacific with the generous support of the Japan Funds in Trust, the Indonesian Funds in Trust and the Malaysia Funds in Trust, gathered more than 80 stakeholders including UNESCO representatives from Headquarters, Field Offices, National Commissions and Category 2 Centres, in Bali (Indonesia) from 21 to 24 July 2016. The event included the 3rd Strategic Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Biosphere Reserves Network.

Objectives of this event :

  1. Discuss and elaborate strategies for fostering dialogue, cooperation, networking and sharing of knowledge as well as resources among the UNESCO Field Offices and its Networks to support the delivering of the Agenda 2030 through the UNESCO mandate on Natural Sciences.
  2. Discuss on a joint strategy for the implementation of the Lima Action Plan for Biosphere Reserves in the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. Support interdisciplinary initiatives and develop joint project proposals on Natural Sciences


PowerPoint Presentations can be downloaded by clicking the respective links in the Programme agenda

Programme of this Event :

Day 1 – 21 July 2016

Session Speakers Download Material
Session 1 : The Role of Science Technology and Innovation - Hubert Gijzen, PhD (UNESCO Regional Director Southern Africa)- L. Anathea Brooks (Chief, SC/EO/PCE) - Event Introduction
- First indications of Natural Sciences Sector
- Improved Measurement of Gender Equality in Science
Session 2 : 3rd APBRN Strategic Meeting: LAP and Network Reports  Marie Prchalova – UNESCO MAB Secretariat
UNESCO Asia Pacific Biosphere Network
 – Lima Action Plan in Asia and Pacific
The East Asian Biosphere
Building a local lead national network
SACAM (South and Central Asia MAB)
Initiation of Biosphere Reserve in Nepal
The South East Asia Biosphere Reserves Network
Vietnam MAB Research Project
Pacific MAN and Biosphere Network
Potential Biosphere Reserves Sites in Fiji
3rd APBRN Strategic Meeting: Silk Road Initiative  UNESCO Asia Pacific Silk Road Initiative Network - Silk Road Sustainability concept
Silk Routes : Issues and Options (Pakistan)
Contribution of Mongolia to the Silk Road initiative
Silk Road Initiative : Connecting Sustainable Development through the Biosphere Reserves in Indonesia
HIST | Platform Serve Conservation Management of UNESCO Biosphere
Posters and Networking, UNESCO Internal Meeting

Day 2 – 22 July 2016

Session Speakers Download Material
 Session 4 : International Hydrological Programme  UNESCO Asia Pacific IHP Network - International Hydrological Programme – Sarantuyaa
Afghanistan Transboundary water Management
Water and Ecohydrology Challenge – Bali
Water security in Medan City
Sustainable Water Management in Yogyakarta City and Borobudur Area
Water activities in the region : RCUWM IDI
International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management
Catalogues of Hydrologic Analysis – successive series of Catalogues of Rivers
MIHP Activities Delivery of SDGs water Related Goals
MSMA SME HTC Kuala Lumpur
IHP activities in Mongolia
Pakistan National Committee on IHP
– Pakistan Project Update
– International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change
– Global Runoff Data Centre
 Session 5: Interdisciplinary perspectives: JFIT, IFIT, others  JFIT, IFIT Collaboration Network - Sustainability Science Pilot Project Langat River Malaysia
Sustainability Science Pilot Project Rice Terraces Philippine Cordilleras
- UNESCO Biotechnology School ASIA
SEA Cumulative Effects Bukit Barisan Sumatera
Presentation UNESCO- FRANCE Philo
– Beijing Action Plan IKCEST Indonesia
– Enhancing and Restoring Water Systems in World Heritage Site in Cambodia
 Interdisciplinary perspectives: MFIT  MFIT Collaboration Network - AP FAST-Facility Accelerating Science Technology
Establishment Sustainability Demonstration Site Water Environment
Demonstration of Ecohydrology Biotech
International Platform in Enhancing Science Technology Standard
Climate Change Education in Fiji
Towards Economic Resilience in the Pacific and Southeast Asia
Research progress on groundwater resources in Malaysia
KANITA Gender Matters UNESCO
– Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management
– Sustainable Water Management
 Session 6: Posters and networking, UNESCO Interal Meetings



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